You Got in Trouble
Season 2, Song 9
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Singers(s) Toot Braunstein
Episode Super Nanny
Song guide
"Who's That Guy"
"Shortnin' Bread"

You Got in Trouble is a song sung by Toot Braunstein in the episode Super Nanny. The song is sung to the tune of the playground song "Na-na-na-na-boo-boo."


Toot: You got in trouble!
You got in trouble!
You got in trouble!
Captain Hero (Speaking): Gah, zip your fudge hole, Orca!
Toot (Speaking): Aw, sucks to be you. Hey Hero, wanna go in the hot tub? Oh, I forgot, you can't! You're on the naughty stool hee hee hee! Hey, Hero, wanna watch TV? Ups, I forgot. You can't ... You're on the naughty stool!
Captain Hero (Speaking): I knew what was going on. Toot wasn't forgetting I was on the naughty stool. She was trying to make me jealous.
Toot: I'm watching TV.
Toot (Speaking): God Dammit! Stupid breaking news!


  • Captain Hero speaks dialogue during this song, however, he does not actually sing.

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