You're My Hero
Season 1, Song 6
You're my Hero
Singers(s) Captain Hero
Episode The Other Cousin
Song guide
"The Bully Song"

You're My Hero is a song sung by Captain Hero in the episode The Other Cousin. It is a background song and a parody on Wind Beneath my Wings.


Captain Hero: Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher and a hero.
Won't you come along and fly with me?
Oh fly! So high against the sky!
So high I almost touched the sky.
So high I'll fly with you.
You're my hero.


  • This is a parody on the song by Gary Morris Wind Beneath My Wings.
    • At the end of the song, Captain Hero states the title of the song, telling Bleh "Bleh, you are the wind beneath my wings."
    • The song this parodies is less commonly titled as Hero which fits the fact that this song is sung by Captain Hero who has the nickname of "Hero."
  • This is the first song that was sung by a character in the show that doesn't have an esque to the type of music that the original character comes from. ("Black Chick's Tongue" has a Disney esque because it's mainly sung by Princess Clara, "La-la-la-la Labia" has a Josie and the Pussycats esque because it was sung by Foxxy Love, "Ling-Ling's Lament" has a Japanese esque because it was sung by Ling-Ling, and "The Bully Song" had a Disney esque because it was also mainly sung by Clara)

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