Xandir's Girlfriend
Xandir's Girlfriend Better Image
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Age Most Likely 19
Job None
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Cree Summer
Xandir's Girlfriend is a recurring character in Drawn Together. She is a parody on Zelda. She is a princess who is always being kidnapped by the evil Lord Slashstab. She made her first appearance in the episode Gay Bash. She is a girl who Xandir was on a never ending quest to save until the events of the episode Gay Bash where he found out that he was gay and when he told her about it, she became furious and broke up with him. After that, Xandir stopped his quest to save her. Which started his new quest "I'm on a never ending quest to save my boyfriend!"


Xandir's girlfriend is a Caucasian girl with long auburn hair and pointed elf-like ears. She has sapphire blue eyes and pink lip gloss. She wears a blue and purple tiara and matching dress. She also wears blue earrings and white gloves and light blue slippers.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • It is unknown what her real name is.
  • It is possible that she is homophobic because she lashed out in rage at Xandir and insulted him when he told her that he was gay, but this could have just been because he was her boyfriend and she though this was a horrible way for him to break up with her.

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