Xandir's Boyfriend
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race Genie
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job Genie
Sexuality Homosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
Xandir's Boyfriend is a genie that appeared in the episode Gay Bash. He was a genie who grants wishes for people. He is a parody on the genie from the movie Aladdin. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Xandir's Boyfriend first appeared in Gay Bash. Wooldoor was revealed to have a magic lamp in his ass where the genie was. Xandir and Clara got the genie and Xandir wished not to be gay but the genie was offended by this and told him, that he is better off accepting his homosexual feelings. After this, he and Xandir fell in love and became boyfriends. This was all until Lord Slashstab came by and stole the lamp, starting Xandir off on his never ending quest to save his boyfriend.

Xandir's Boyfriend was seen in the audience for Xandir and Spanky's wedding in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education, implying that Xandir had saved him. This also implies that his relationship must have ended because in that very episode, Xandir got married to Spanky, and if this marriage ended Spanky's relationship with Clara, it must have ended Xandir's relationship with the genie. Seeing as how the genie was cheering for them at the wedding, they must still be friends.


Xandir's boyfriend is a purple genie. He wears dark purple cuffs on his arms and tail. He also wears a pink turban with a ruby gem in it. He has a black beard, a black mustache and black chest hairs. He has a silver ring piercing on his ear.


  • Like Xandir's Girlfriend, Xandir's Boyfriend's name was never revealed.
  • He was seen in the audience for Xandir and Spanky's wedding in Foxxy vs. the Board of Education.
  • As a parody of the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, when he comes out of the lamp, he impersonates characters by Genie's infamous (and late) actor Robin Williams, including Popeye (Popeye (1980)), Mrs. Doubtfire (Mrs. Doubtfire), Patch Adams (Patch Adams), Alan Parrish (Jumanji), and Mork (Mork and Mindy). He also does Groucho Marx, whom Genie also did in the movie.

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