Vishnu in Drawn Together
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Vishnu
Gender Male
Race Indian (God)
Hair Brown
Age 6244
Job Deity
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Hinduism
Voiced by None
Vishnu is the supreme god of Hinduism. He appeared in the Drawn Together episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education, being passed off as a "Six Armed Monster God" who went around kidnapping children. It was then revealed that this was no monster god. It was a man named Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak who was dressing up in a costume and kidnapping kids.


Vishnu is a god who is portrayed as a monster. He is a blue god with six arms. He has very curly and wild dark brown hair and dark blue eye brows. He has yellow eyes and a golden dot on his forehead. He wears a green snake on his head as a crown and a giant cobra around his shoulders as a necklace as well as golden loop earrings. His only appearance in the show, however, was as a costume worn by Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak.

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