Violent Retard
Violent Retard
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Violent Retard
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Black (bald)
Age Unknown
Job Cereal Mascot
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Violent Retard is exactly what his name describes him as. He's a giant mentally retarded man who has the tendency to commit extreme acts of violence whether it's out of intent or stupidity. He is known as the famous mascot of a cereal called "Violent Retard Flakes" although this cereal doesn't really exist. The reason why he is given this title is either because he's too retarded to comprehend that he's really not. Another reason could be that everyone is too afraid to tell him the truth because he like to deny the truth and he will violently attack and/or kill anyone who tries to tell him off. He appeared in the episode Breakfast Food Killer as one of the judges for the new mascot of Quackers cereal.


Violent Retard is a giant oversized misshapen monstrous but fairly human-like creature who wears a red tiny hat and a red shirt with a big black bowtie. He has a demented ugly face with a tiny eyes that constantly twitch and go off in different directions and he also has very crooked yellow teeth that show when his mouth is closed.


Just like his name says, Violent Retard is violent and retarded. He will commit random acts of violence that are sometimes unintentional but sometimes on purpose and he is extremely insane and stupid as he will act like a stereotypical handicap by doing things such as excitably hugging people that he likes. He proves to be aware of the fact that he's retarded as he acknowledges it whenever he feels that his retardation is coming into play, but when he knows for a fact that it is, he never even tries to control it.


  • "This may be the retardation talking, but I think Toot is perfect!"
  • "Okay, this is definitely the retardation talking, but ... ME WANT HUG!!!"

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