Drawn Together: Star Wars is a Star Wars parody of Drawn Together.


  • Captain Skywalker - (Played by Captain Hero; Parody on Luke Skywalker) The main protagonist of the story and the hero who's supposed to save the galaxy.
  • Ham Solo - (Played by Spanky Ham; Parody on Han Solo) The other guy who eventually joins Captain Skywalker in his quest to save the galaxy.
  • The Darth Producer - (Played by The Jew Producer, Parody on Darth Vader) The evil main villain of the story. He wants to take over the entire galaxy with the Death Star of David.
  • Princess Cleah - (Played by Princess Clara, Parody on Princess Leah) The princess that has been kidnapped by The Darth Producer.
  • Foxxy Calrissian - (Played by Foxxy Love, Parody on Lando Calrissian) A former small-time criminal who has now turned over to the good side and has joined Captain Skywalker on his journey to save the galaxy.
  • L-GBT - (Played by Xandir Whifflebottom, Parody on C-3PO) The humanoid robot in the show who was built in order to clean people's workplaces and make them all prettier and stuff.
  • Wool2 Door2 - (Played by Wooldoor Sockbat, Parody on R2-D2) A robotic droid who is built as a servant robot, who's purpose is to entertain it's master in the way a royal court jester would. He is paired with L-GBT.
  • Yo-Ling - (Played by Ling-Ling Takagami, Parody on Yoda) The wise old sensei who teaches Captain Skywalker how to use his powers.
  • Tootbaca - (Played by Toot Braunstein, Parody on Chewbaca) The animalistic friend of Ham Solo. She joins him and Captain Skywalker on their journey.
  • Judge Palpatine - (Played by Judge Fudge, Parody on Emperor Palpatine) - The judge who works at the Courthouse.
  • Steve from Alderan - (Played by Steve from Long Island, Not a direct parody) - A former inhabitant of Alderan who is now trying to cope with the fact that his home planet is gone.
  • Scarlacuntoir(Played by Octopussior, Parody on Scarlacc) - A disgusting Scarlacc monster that has been cursed to live in the pits of Cleah's vagina.
  • Jun-Jee the Hutt(Played by Jun-Jee Takagami, Parody on Jabba the Hutt) A former king of Tatooine.

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