Unpredictable Gorilla
Unpredictable Gorilla
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unpredictable Gorilla
Gender Male
Race Primate
Hair Brown Fur
Age Unknown
Job Unknown (Presumably either Backstage Staff or an Actor)
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by N/A
Unpredictable Gorilla is a gag character that appeared in the episode Charlotte's Web of Lies. Like his name says, he is a gorilla and all of the things he does in unpredictable.


In the episode Charlotte's Web of Lies, Gwyneth Paltrow was getting ready for the play, trying to get out of her costume, but the zipper on her dress was stuck. Unpredictable Gorilla then appeared on the backstage set with her, apparently as either one of the cast members of the play or one of the workers who helped backstage. Gwyneth asked him to help her with her dress and then took out a sparkler and said that she'd reward him with it if he did. The bright, sparkling light was taunting to Unpredictable Gorilla and it caused him to freak out and throw a rampage. He grabbed Gwyneth Paltrow by the waist and then started brutally slamming her skull against the floor, eventually killing her. Then, he took the sparkler and ran away.


Unpredictable Gorilla is a gigantic, brown gorilla. He is very big and muscular, but he still has the posture and esque of an unevolved and animalistic being. He has yellow eyes and his naked skin is slightly darker than his fur. 


Unpredictable Gorilla, like his name says, is an unpredictable gorilla. He is very wild and crazy and you'll never expect what he is about to do next. He has anger issues, and when he gets exposed to bright lights or things moving too fast, he can freak out and throw a rampage. When he rampages, he can get very violent and destroy everything in his path while screaming and acting like a mindless and depraved psychopath. If he wants something, he'll get it and do whatever it takes without thinking and just take it like it's nothing. He would even go as far as to kill people and not care about it in the slightest of ways. A good example of this would be how he killed Gwyneth Paltrow in order to win a measly sparkler.

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