Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Victoria Davey Spelling
Gender Female
Race Caucasian (Seahorse)
Hair Blonde
Age 42
Job Actor and Author
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Jewish
Voiced by N/A
Tori Spelling is a famous actor and author. She has been made fun of multiple times in Drawn Together. She first appeared in the episode Drawn Together Babies.


In the episode Spelling Applebee's, it was a running gag for the characters to say something very mean about Tori Spelling, to have the person they're talking to respond with "Why you dissin' on Tori?" and then have them respond saying "She knows what she did." First Spanky told Foxxy that she'll be the best thing to come out of Spelling than Tori's fat head. Then, Captain Hero dressed up as Marmaduke, wearing a wedding dress and Xandir told him that it was "Too Tori Spelling".

In the episode Drawn Together Babies, Tori made her first physical appearance. Foxxy retrieved the body of Charlotte the Babysitter, and said that she got help from her animals friends, Flipper and Tori Spelling. Tori was depicted as a shriveled up seahorse with a lock of blonde hair, giant fake tits, and a pink bikini top. She and Flipper swam away, bidding her a goodbye and Foxxy thanked the two for helping her and congratulated them on the new baby.

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