Toot's Baby
Toot's Baby
Drawn Together Character
Full Name None
Gender Female
Race Nicaraguan
Hair Black
Age 1
Job Prostitute
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by None
Toot's Baby is the unnamed adoptive Nicaraguan child of Toot Braunstein. She appeared in the episode Captain Girl.


In the episode Captain Girl, Toot wanted to have a baby, but unfortunately, nobody wanted to have sex with her because she was so disgusting. Eventually, Clara and Xandir adopted a baby from Nicaragua for Toot to take care of so that they could teach her that caring for a child is harder work than she might think. When Toot raised this baby, she was very careless with it and she neglected it and mistreated it a lot. She raised it wrong and eventually, the baby turned out being a prostitute who hated her mother and then escaped the house to have unprotected sex and eventually become pregnant. Child Services found the baby and took her away from Toot, after the bay gave birth to another baby.


Toot's Baby is a little Nicaraguan baby with a long black strand of hair on her head, being held up in a bright pink bow. She has sparkly black eyes with big, thick eyelashes. She has rosy blush cheeks and she wears a little white diaper.


Toot's Baby used to be a normal, happy little baby who did nothing but play around and laugh and have fun, just like all normal babies do, but after a short but effective amount of time, being poorly parented by Toot, she quickly became a rebellious and hate-filled, slutty whore who spent her life, having unprotected sex, drinking alcohol, and doing drugs, until finally, she became pregnant with a smaller baby.


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