Todd Ham
Todd Ham
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Either "Randy" or "Todd" Ham
Gender Male
Race Pig
Hair None (Black Unibrow)
Age Unknown
Job Minor
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Muslim
Voiced by None
Todd Ham or Randy Ham is the son of Spanky Ham and his wife. He appeared in the episode Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree, where he happily welcomed his father home after leaving Drawn Together. There, Spanky addressed him as "Todd" to which his wife corrected him, saying his name was "Randy". Later in the episode, he addressed him as "Randy" and his wife corrected him again, saying his name was really "Todd".


Todd is a short pink pig with a thick black unibrow. He wears a blue shirt and dark blue shorts and gray shoes.


  • Todd Ham is the only one of Spanky's children who he has not killed. His only other known children are Sonny Ham, who he ground into sausage, four seconds after his birth and The Spider Babies, that he and Charlotte had, who he crushed under a menu at a restaurant.
    • Timmy is also a technical child of Spanky's, but he doesn't entirely count because he's just a piece of paper with the word "Baby" written on it, that he used to pose as his child. Also, Timmy's final appearance was him being stuck to Ling-Ling's butt, with a bunch of other junk, which could possibly mean he died there.

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