Baby Timmy
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Timmy Whifflebottom-Ham
Gender Male
Race Filipino
Hair Bald
Age 3
Job Baby
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Tara Strong
Timmy is the "adoptive child" of Spanky Ham and Xandir who appeared in the Foxxy vs. the Board of Education. Timmy's not even a real baby, he's just a piece of paper with the word "BABY" written on it, but Spanky and Xandir pass him off as a Filipino baby who they adopted. Timmy was later shown to be able to speak, although most likely a gag, this is implying that he actually is a real baby. Timmy is voiced by Tara Strong.


Timmy first appeared in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education. When Xandir and Spanky were confronted by The King of Health Insurance about their gay marriage being fake, they made up a series of lies to help them escape being charged. One of which was tricking him into thinking that they adopted a child. They then showed him a stroller, with Timmy inside and passed him off as a Filipino baby. Clara pointed out that he was just a piece of paper with the word "BABY" written on it. Xandir told her not to make fun of him, saying that he knows he's different but he's still a very amazing child. Timmy then appeared in the Confessional, saying that he will one day become a big, beautiful origami swan and that he'll prove to everyone then that he is truly meant to be something amazing. He then gave Clara a big fat "Fuck you!" as a shout out and continued on with his normal life. Later in the episode, Captain Hero picked up Ling-Ling, revealing a whole bunch of junk and stuff stuck to the bottom of his ass such as chewed up gum, boogers, a bag of potato chips, etc. One of which was Timmy, who was stuck to one of his butt cheeks.


Timmy is a piece of lined paper, being yellow with blue and pink lines and holes punched into the side. He is cut out into the shape of a human body and he is slightly wrinkled. He has the word "BABY" written on his head in all capital letters in blue pen.


Timmy is a very ambitious and rebellious baby who has big dreams and strong confidence. He aspires to become an origami swan when he grows up and he truly believes that he can do so. He never gives up on these dreams and doesn't let anyone get him down. Timmy's got his eyes on the prize and for that, he really is going to do big things in this world.

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