Tim Tommerson
Tim Thomerson
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Tim Tommerson
Gender Male
Race Zebulonian
Hair Black
Age 30's
Job Reporter
Sexuality Homosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Jess Harnell
Tim Tommerson is Captain Hero's alter-ego. He was used in the episode Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree where he was shown to be a made-up person that was created by Captain Hero to explore his homosexuality with Xandir. He appeared again in the episode The Drawn Together Clip Show, where he was shown to actually be a completely different person, who had gotten over Xandir and started a new relationship with Captain Hero, which was a contradiction with the previous episode.


Tim Tommerson looks exactly like Captain Hero, only with glasses. His standard glasses are thick black glasses, but he was seen wearing purple spectacles with a chain once and an over sized pair of green glasses with yellow polka dots and pink-tinted lens and was seen passing himself off as Tim. Although he looks nothing like it, Tim describes his physical appearance as having "dark skin and blond hair that flows like a river of sexy wheat."


Tim's personality is basically the opposite of Captain Hero's. He is a mild-mannered and friendly guy who feels very soft and affectionate for everyone he meets. He enjoys the beauty of the world and thinks nothing of it's negativity.


  • Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree: Captain Hero created an alter-ego Tim Tommerson to explore his homosexual side and have a relationship with Xandir. At first, Xandir didn't believe it was him, seeing through his obvious disguise, but Captain Hero was being so committed to the role of Tim Tommerson, that he was actually doing things with Xandir that he would never allow him to do outside of his disguise and so, Xandir actually went along with it and they started a relationship together. Whenever Captain Hero wasn't in his disguise, he was shown to be very furious about what Xandir was doing with Tim and he even beat himself, to express his hatred for his alter-ego. Tim convinced Xandir to shoot down and kill Captain Hero, only he shot him, while he was in "Tim Tommerson mode" by mistake. Tim died in the alter-ego world, but Captain Hero, himself was shown to be alive, as he admitted that Tim was a lie, both revealing that Tim never existed, but in the process, also denying his own death.
  • The Drawn Together Clip Show: Tim Tommerson appeared at the clip show, proving to be a completely different person than Captain Hero, directly contradicting with everything in the previous episode, most likely as a gag. Tim rudely broke up with Xandir and started going out with Captain Hero with the two making out right in front of his face which resulted in a huge fight between them.

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