The King of Mexico
DT CarlosMencia-2
Drawn Together Character
Full Name The King of Mexico
Gender Male
Race Mexican
Hair Brown
Age Late 40
Job Monarch,Host Tournament
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknwon
Voiced by Carlos Mencia

The King of Mexico is the minor character appearing in "Mexican't Buy Me Love". He is the monarch of Mexico and host of chicken fights. Although his real name is never revealed. His wife's name is revealed to be Nimore. He is voiced by Carlos Mencia.


The King was very happy, grateful from Leading the Tournament.

He never realized that Ling-Ling is not a chicken and Toot is not Mexican. When he finds out what they actually are, he orders the two of them to be taken to jail (although the police officers are seen playing, fooling around and drinking).

Later, when Ling-Ling and the other chickens came to beat him. He declared to Ling-Ling that he will not defeat him and drinks a magic potion (actually tequila) and transforms himself into a gigantic worm. Then, tries to eat him. However, just as The King is about to eat Ling-Ling, Toot suddenly shows in a spaceship to blast the King, almost killing him. And was later devoured by the chickens.


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