The King of India
The Kinf of India
Drawn Together Character
Full Name The King of India
Gender Male
Race Indian
Hair White
Age Unknown
Job King
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Hindu
Voiced by Unknown
The King of India is a character that appeared in the episode Toot Goes Bollywood. He was the former king of India until Toot Braunstein was introduced to him and he mistook her for the sacred talking cow and deemed her the new ruler of India. This was until the rest of the Drawn Together housemates came back to get her back and convinced her to return to the Drawn Together House and so Toot admitted that she wasn't really the sacred cow which made The King furious and so he, and the rest of the Indians attacked her and the rest of the gang, but Toot destroyed them with her wrecking ball powers and escaped with the gang.


The King of India is a king who wears a big red turban with a golden crown on top. He has a gray mustache and thick cray eyebrows. He wears a reddish brownish robe with golden fringes on the shoulders and another layer of orange robe underneath. There is an orange sash with a dim yellow stripe that goes along it that he wears over his shoulder. He also wears big red boots.

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