The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man
Drawn Together Character
Full Name The Invisible Man
Gender Male
Race African American (invisible)
Hair Black (invisible)
Age Unknown
Job Superhero
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by None
The Invisible Man is a character from the book of the same name by writer H.G. Wells. There is also a Marvel superhero of the same name who is adapted from him. He appeared in as the Marvel adaption in the episode Ghostesses in the Slot Machine.


In the episode, Ghostesses in the Slot Machine, Captain Hero and Spanky Ham were fixing battles so that Spanky could bet on Captain Hero to lose, while Captain Hero threw the battle. When he went up against The Invisible Man, Captain Hero was seen acting getting punched and kicked, however, there was no depiction of another person beating him, leading people to believe that The Invisible Man was doing that. The screen then showed The Invisible Man, was actually animated as a person, and that he was depicted as a translucent human with a dotted outline. He was simply standing there, shrugging his shoulders in confusion as Captain Hero lost the battle without him even touching him.

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