The Flintstones are a family of cavemen from the TV show of the same name. They have been cameoed and alluded many times in Drawn Together.

In Hot Tub, a car made of rock, being powered by people moving their feet went past the house.

In Gay Bash, there was a record player made out of rock with a pterodactyl as the needle who said "It's a living."

In The Other Cousin, while Wooldoor was trying to get over his drug addiction, the movie Trainspotting was parodied and Bamm Bamm Rubble was portrayed as the "Ceiling Baby".

In The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II, Wilma was one of the people auditioning to be the replacement for Wooldoor. She revealed that she uses prehistoric worms as tampons and took one out. The worm said "It's a living" and a paintbrush came by and painted red on the bottom to resemble blood.

In A Tale of Two Cows, The Drawn Together gang went to Bedrock in search of Live Action Cow and found that all the FLintstones had been murdered by her. Clara, being the homophobic girl she is, quoted "Well, serves them right for having a gay old time." When they passed by there, they were using their feet to move.

In Lost in Parking Space, Part Two, Fred Flintstone was show to be one of the most hated cartoon characters of all time and was seen being dismembered alive in the dungeon and he was calling out to Barney for help.

In The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, Toot's plot focused majorly on The Flintstones. Toot ran off and went to Bedrock where Barney Rubble had an affair with her and got her pregnant. As they ran from the Network Head's army, The dinosaur from the theme song was shot dead, Betty was seen shooting at her, trying to kill her, and Barney was seen getting run over. It was later revealed in the movie that her baby was Bamm Bamm as she shot him out of her vagina and had him club the Network Head on the head. The gang all started running for their lives where Barney drove up to Toot and told her that the affair was over because he worked out all his problems with Betty. Toot was so sad that her boyfriend broke up with her. She then sighed and said "I guess I'll be needed this then." as she took out a prehistoric worm dildo. The worm said "It's a living." and the an old gramophone recorded laugh track was heard playing afterwards.

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