Sweetcakes are a species of metahumans who are part human and part candy. They first appeared in the episode The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II, where the character Strawberry Sweetcake made her debut. This episode also explored into the backstory of Sweetcakes. Since then, Sweetcake people have made cameos in the audience of future clip shows.


The Sweetcakes were an all-female species that first lived in a candy land with the Sockbat race. The Sweetcakes were apperantly more dominant than the Sockbats, technically being the equivalent of humans and with Sockbats being animals in their land, but although the land primarily belonged to the Sweetcakes, the Sweetcakes and Sockbats lived in harmony together and treated each other as equals. However, one day, a great Strawberry famine swept through the land, and there was barely any candy, which in the Sweetcake world served as food, to go around. The Sweetcakes decided to blame the Sockbats and turn on them, causing a mass genocide, where they'd kill them all and turn their bodies into candy. They then dominated the candy land and made their species the natural enemies of the Sockbats.

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