Sweatshop kids
The Sweatshop Kids are a group of Vietnamese slaves that work at a sweatshop factory. They first appeared in the episode Gay Bash. They are a gang that protested Spanky's shoe company, where he worked Ling-Ling as a slave, making sneakers.


The leader of the sweatshop kids came to Spanky's door and started begging him to stop working Asians as slaves to make shoes, but was rudely rejected by him. Later, he and the rest of the slaves teamed up against him as an angry mob. They all formed together and transformed into a giant transformer parody robot and started giving him a beat down. Spanky convinced Ling-Ling to destroy them and Ling-Ling fought them in a battle and won. After that, the kids were then assigned new jobs, not for making shoes, but for being shoes and they spent their time, tied to the feet of famous basketball players.


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