Storytelling Guy
The Storytelling Guy
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair White
Age 50's or 60's
Job Storyteller
Sexuality Pansexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
The Storytelling Guy is an old man who tells stories. He appeared in the episode Drawn Together Babies, seen showing up in the middle of the episode, telling the story of the episode. Every time a character went through development, he would appear, to explain how this made them become who they are in the show. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


The Storytelling Guy is an old man with white hair and white skin. He wears a monocle with a long, golden chain and he always has a brown pipe in his mouth. He wears a blue shirt with a light blue undershirt and blue pants and black shoes.


  • "And that is how Princess Clara learned to hate the coloreds."
  • "And that is how Foxxy Love became a whoooooore."
  • "And that's how Ling-Ling began speaking Oriental." (In Japorean)
  • "And that is how Toot Braunstein became a one-dimensional fat joke."
  • "No, yours is."
  • "And that is how Xandir became a hoooooomooooo."
  • "And that's how Spanky Ham came to love the wonderful world of excrement, almost as much as I do ... Ready."
  • "And that is how Walter Sagget became Wooldoor Sockbat."
  • "And that's how Foxxy Love learned that 'Them ain't yo Funions, thems Foxxy's Funions'."
  • "And that is how Captain Hero learned that dead bodies are game for anything and I do mean anything. Goodnight and fuck yooooooou ... Ready."

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