Spanky and Charlotte's Babies
Spanky and Charlotte's Children
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Mordechai, Shlomo, Avi, Bahaja, Spider #72
Gender Most likely a combination of males and females.
Race Spider-Pigs
Hair None (most likely black)
Age 0 (deceased)
Job Minors
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown (most likely either Jewish or Islamic)
Voiced by None
Spanky and Charlotte's Babies are the offspring of Spanky Ham and Charlotte. They appeared in Charlotte's Web of Lies. They are interspecies hybrids between a pig and a spider, which in turn makes them little tiny spiderlet-sized animals who all resemble to face of Spanky Ham. All the known names that have been mentioned are Mordechai, Shlomo, Avi, Bahnka, and Spider #72.


Spanky and Charlotte's Babies were introduced to Spanky by Charlotte, much to his unpleasant surprise. She showed him her sack of babies on one of their dates at a fancy restaurant and Spanky was completely freaked out by it, already wanting to break up with her at the time. He instantly crushed them all under the menu at the restaurant, killing them all in a puddle of blood, much to Charlotte's dismay. She ran toward the scene of the crime, either to save the already dead babies or to kill him, and Spanky opened the menu, crushing Charlotte under the menu page. After that, none of the members of the Hams Charlotte's side of the family were ever seen or mentioned again.


  • All of the mentioned names that were given to the babies are from either Hebrew or Arabic origin, with the obvious exception of Spider #72.

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