Sockbats are a species of inhuman creatures, most clearly described as "Wacky Whatchamacallits" that exist in the Drawn Together universe. Wooldoor is the main Sockbat in the series. Their heritage was first mentioned in the episode The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II.


Sockbats were a race of wacky whatchamacallits that first used to live in a candy land alongside the Sweetcakes. The two of them lived in harmony together until a giant famine swept the land, ridding the land of all candy, which was their only knows source of food at the time. The Sweetcakes all decided to blame the Sockbats and so they caused a mass genocide against them, killing them and turning all of their dead bodies into candy. Very few of them managed to survive however, such as Wooldoor and his parents and they now currently resign in a different area, which appears to be a giant, magical cloud in the sky with a bunch of giant mushrooms.

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