During Xandir's Gay Bash, two characters with blurred faces join Xandir: Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes (with a brown mustache) and Snagglepuss.

for some copyrights reasons, his face is blurred, or it's probably a parody of blurring strangers' faces, Snagglepuss is depicted as a homosexual, in regrads of many fan comments regrading his sexuality, and the fact that he acts sissy.

in a brief scene of him approaching Elmer Fudd, his face can be barely seen, before returning the blur back, which it confirmed his true idendity.

In Lost in Parking Space, Part Two, he can be seen in the back, along with the tortured cartoon characters, it's persumed dead after the torture chamber was blown up into ashes.
SNaggle puss

Snagglepuss unblurred

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