Drawn Together Character
Full Name Raymond-Raymond Love
Gender Male
Race African-American
Hair Black
Age 14
Job Thief
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown

Raymond-Raymond Jorgensen (Formerly Ray-Ray Love) is the insane grandson of Foxxy Love. His gag is the fact that it's impossible that Foxxy is only 23 and she has a teenage grandson. However, there's a possibility that Foxxy, like Toot, has lived a really long time but hasn't aged because she's a cartoon, since her first hit came out in 1984 and she looked no different from her actual form.


Ray-Ray was "mentioned" many times by Foxxy, but most of the times as her son, so he might be the son of Foxxy's son, Ray-Ray and be named after him since Foxxy revealed that she's his paternal grandmother. But he appeared only in "N.R.A.y RAY".

According to Foxxy, Ray-Ray wasn't raised by his father and according to Ray-Ray he was sent to a foster home. He robbed the Drawn Together House and when Foxxy found out that he was responsible, she was arrested because she took the blame for him (and for Captain Hero's "assault" accusation), and she hid Ray-Ray inside the wall. He watched the housemates through holes in the walls and developed a crush on Toot because of her huge ass. He granted Toot's wishes after listening to her writing in her journal and made her believe that the journal was magic. He brought her cheese, stole Princess Clara's hair and put it on Toot's head (not realizing that she wanted hair like Princess Clara's, not her actual hair), which caused Clara to think that Toot stole it and made her to want to eliminate Toot from the show. When Toot wished for Clara to be gone (from the show), Ray-Ray thought she was saying that she wanted her dead, so he killed Clara. Toot then thought that the journal was evil and burned it, only for Ray-Ray to show up and tell her that he loves her and her huge ass. Toot accepted him and they had sex. But when Bambie and the other animals attacked the house, he and all the males from the house hid in Toot's ass and left her with Mike Jerowski.

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