Drawn Together Character
Full Name The Mighty Quadraplejack
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Age 30's or 40's
Job Involuntary Sidekick
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
The Mighty Quadriplejack is a handicapped man who serves as the sidekick to The Mad Libber. He appeared in the episode Captain Girl.


The Mighty Quadraplejack is a middle aged man who is a quadriplegic. He was apparently taken by the Mad Libber and forced into a costume with a mask and a suit against his own will and now works as the involuntary sidekick of The Mad Libber. His first and only appearance was in the episode Captain Girl, where he was with The Mad Libber, while they were blowing up the town's dam. He was seen suffering and begging to have someone take his costume off but everyone seemed to ignore him. Later, Captain Hero dumped him off of his mobile chair and he and Wooldoor took off with it, leaving him motionless on the ground to die in the flood. Captain Hero assumed that he was only a figment of his imagination. At the end of the episode, the flood came by the Drawn Together house and Quadriplejack's mask was shown floating up on screen.

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