Drawn Together Character
Full Name Quackers
Gender Male
Race Duck
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job Cereal Mascot
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Catholic
Voiced by Jess Harnell

Quackers is a combination parody of Daffy Duck and Donald Duck, Futhermore, Quackers' name is a pun on the real-world Quaker Oats company, that is even confirmed when we see the shape of the character, his personality in the beginning of the episode, and his voice and accent sound like Daffy Duck's. He also wears a hat similar to Donald Duck's. He is voiced by Jess Harnell.


In Breakfast Food Killer, he was beaten to death by a cloaked Franken Berry and soggies, and he was presumed dead in the beginning of the episode, later, he was found imprisoned in a secret underground hidden under leaves by Toot who was terribly drunk after being rejected by the cereal empire, he revealed that he has hidden the four UPC codes inside his anus, he gave her the codes, along with details regrading Franken's plot, then he was blown up after an effect of a secret potion was given to him to kill him for the sake of keeping the UPC away from anyone else.


Quackers is a big yellow duck with a blue sailor hat with a red ribbon around it. He has an orange beak and orange webbed feet. He has two black strands of hair on his head. He also has big eyes and a bunch of white teeth.


Quackers apparently used to be a very happy and kid friendly little duck until he heard the news about the UPC codes and then he went completely insane and became a villainous child-abusing criminal who would kill and cause any sort of havoc and would stop at nothing, not even death, to collect all of the UPC codes and bring down Franken Berry's cereal empire. He was even seen lying in a ditch underground being dosed with cyanide and still keeping the UPC codes hidden up his ass.


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