Previously on Drawn Together segments are short scenes that come before certain episodes of Drawn Together. An aborted first season feature of the show, showing possible outcomes of other episodes. This was a parody of serial dramas, which typically begin with a sensationalized recap of previous events. (In the case of Drawn Together, the events depicted did not actually occur on the show.) Four were produced but not used, but were included on the Season One DVD set. Only one actually made it into an episode and that was in the episode Mexican't Buy Me Love.


  • Game Show: In the episode Mexican't Buy Me Love, the housemates were playing a game show where everyone was paired up in couples. Toot and Ling-Ling, Spanky and Clara, and Xandir and Captain Hero.
  • Toot Sleeping: In a parody of Full Metal Jacket, shown in night vision, the housemates gather around a sleeping Toot, gag her, and then beat her with bars of soap in socks because she keeps leaving empty milk cartons in the fridge.
  • Nuclear Apocalypse: After a nuclear apocalypse, the housemates repopulate the Earth with their kids, amalgams of themselves that include a Captain Hero/Clara going out with a Foxxy/Captain Hero/Wooldoor.
  • Pillow Fight: Xandir tries to have a pillow fight with Spanky and Captain Hero, who are less than pleased. So instead of fighting with their pillows, they smother him.
  • Giant Wooldoor: The housemates run for their lives as they are chased by a giant Wooldoor who proceeds to eat them.


  • Wooldoor's quote in the Giant Wooldoor segment: "I am become death!" is a reference to Oppenheimer.

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