Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz
Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz
Gender Male
Race Caucasian (possibly Asian considering he is an Asian trading card Battle Monster)
Hair Brown
Age 21
Job Asian Trading Card Battle Monster
Sexuality Homosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz is one of Gash's battle monsters. He is intended to be a battle monster version of Frankie Muniz after puberty. He appeared in the episode Charlotte's Web of Lies.


Post-Pubescent Frankie Muniz is a reptilian green battle monster who walks in his hind legs. He has broad shoulders that are covered in spikes that run down his back and he has a scaly stomach and neck and brown hands with claws for fingers. He has dinosaur like legs and a long tail in a club shape that also has spikes on the end. He has the head of Frankie Muniz, where in this case, he is portrayed with very bright almost yellow skin that is covered in pimples and blemishes and he also has big spiky brown hair. His face has bright, glowing blue eyes and a set of sharp yellow teeth. He talks in a very high and scratchy voice, similar to that of a stereotypical teenager's.

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