Popeye in Drawn Together
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Popeye the Sailor Man
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Bald
Age 30's or early 40's
Job Crack House Owner
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Voiced by Billy West
Popeye is a character created by E. C. Segar from Popeye the Sailor.


In Gay Bash he is impersonated by Xandir's Boyfriend. In The Lemon-AIDS Walk,Popeye looks pretty much exactly like he did in the cartoon that he came from. He is a muscular sailor with big arms and an sailor outfit that consists of a white sailor cap and a green buttoned shirt with white stripes. One of his eyes are closed and he always has a pipe in his mouth. There are a few differences however, which include tattoos of syringes on his arms instead of anchors and on his mouth is a green stain from all of the drugs he takes. He talks the same way he did in the original cartoons. He speaks in a gruff, gravelly voice and he constantly stutters in his speeches. in Lost in Parking Space, Part Two, he appears as one of the tortured cartoon characters in the background, unlike the used design in The Lemon-AIDS Walk, Popeye retrains his original design, barring that his face is off-screen. As the mall was set on fire, he persumably died.


Popeye is a steroid abusing drug addict who has taken control of owning his own crack house where he makes money off of selling drugs and exploiting his girlfriend for prostitution. He is extremely confident in his work but this is only because of the drugs boosting his testosterone as he was seen crying when Captain Hero made mention of the stain on his face. This is his true depression with what his life has become that he hides behind his drug abuse, to make him feel extremely strong and powerful and overall, happy with his life.