Pledging Days
Season 3, Song 6
Pledging Days
Singers(s) Captain Hero and Georgina
Episode Freaks & Greeks
Song guide
"Shoop Wop Wop"
"The Happy Stupid Kid Show Theme Song"

Pledging Days is a song sung by Captain Hero and Georgina in the episode "Freaks & Greeks."


Captain Hero: Fraternity pledging. Had me a blast.
Georgina: I was sleeping. It happened so fast.
Captain Hero: I grabbed their goat and ran for my life.
Georgina: I tried to scream but he had a knife.
Captain Hero/Georgina: Kidnapping. Oh what a fling. Oh yeah. Those pledging days.
Pink Ladies: Tell us what happened next.
T-Birds: Did you tie her up in chains?
Pink Ladies: Did he have a big stick?
T-Birds: Did you slap her around?
Pink Ladies: Did he make you suck his…?
Captain Hero/Georgina: Shoo we doo whoa you ah, ah
Captain Hero/T-Birds: Big balls, oh yeah, mother-freaking balls.
Captain Hero/Georgina: Kidnapping. Oh what a fling. Woo-oh yeah. Those pledging days.


  • This song is a parody on Summer Nights from the movie Grease.

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