Pizza Man
Screenshot 2016-04-17 at 12.18.57 AM
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race Indian
Hair Black
Age 30's or 40's
Job Pizza Delivery Man
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Hindu
Voiced by Unknown
The Pizza Man is a pizza delivery man who appeared in the episode Dirty Pranking No. 2. Spanky Ham and Foxxy Love pull pranks on him by ordering pizza from him, taking a dump on it, and returning it to him, telling him that they didn't order their pizza with sausage.


The Pizza Man is an Indian man who has black hair that is seen to be slowly turning gray. He wears a uniform for his pizza delivery company that has the colors blue, tan, and red. It consists of a cap and a polo shirt. He has a big, blocky shaped nose and big eyes, and big, orange lips. He talks in a deep voice, with a strong, wacky sounding Indian accent.


The Pizza Man is a very miserable man who lives a life of suffering and misery. Every day of his life is very unhappy and his life consistently denies him any happiness. Basically, everything bad that could happen to him does happen to him, no matter how ridiculous or over the top it may be, the worst of everything will always find it's way into his life, even if it has to force itself into some out of place event that doesn't make any logical sense and completely denies the laws of physics. The Pizza Man doesn't let his terrible life overpower him, as he continues to suffer these problems head on, and continue about his daily life, no matter how much it causes him to suffer. The Pizza Man is a very hard worker and although he doesn't get any respect or credibility for it, he does his job every day and always does what he's told to do. The Pizza Man is also kind of an idiot, as he sort of allows the terrible things in life happen to him. For instance, every time he delivers a pizza to the Drawn Together house, Spanky shits on it and gives it back to him, freaking him out and sometimes making his pass out. However, he keeps coming back to that house and delivering their pizza, and he legitamately doesn't expect them to do the same thing again, allowing him to be unpleasantly surprised every time they do.


  • The Pizza Man bears resemblance to the father of the Indian Family from Toot Goes Bollywood in both appearance and both having the same voice actor doing the same voice.
  • It is implied that he is a Hindu. The second time they ordered pizza from him, he told Clara "May this life bring you the happiness it has so consistently denied me.", referencing to the Hindu theory of reincarnation and when they showed him the shit covered pizza, he was heard screaming "What in the name of Vishnu!?" He was also heard screaming "Vishu!" when he was getting shot by the cops at the police station.

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