Phat Allen
Phat Allen
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Phat Allen
Gender Male
Race African American
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job None
Sexuality Asexual
Religion None
Voiced by Unknown

Phat Allen is a parody on Fat Albert and the leader of the Junkyard Pals. He is an overweight man who's body has been affected by diabetes. His diabetes has also made him impotent. He started up a gang of a bunch of other impotent boys and they live out their days in the junkyard, where they constantly circle up and masturbate. He appeared in the episode Toot Goes Bollywood. In this episode, Foxxy accused Phat Allen of molesting her as a child, which he denied doing, because of the fact that he's impotent. Foxxy didn't believe him and ordered a court case against them which she lost, starting up a huge argument between the two.


Phat Allen is a big, fat, extremely overweight black kid who strongly resembles Fat Albert. He has black puffy hair and a plump face with big round eyes, giant fat lips, and a double chin. He wears a giant purple sweater with a white shirt underneath. He also wears blue expandable jeans and a white belt.


Being affected with diabetes and having become impotent, Phat Allen is obsessed with masturbating and he think about it all the time and does it every chance he gets. However, when he does this, he never thinks about anyone, meaning that he is an asexual. This, however, may likely only be born of his impotence. Phat Allen is unemployed and diseased and he lives his life in a junkyard where he and his friends do nothing but screw around and do all sorts of random things. The majority of these random things would be circling up. Despite his mental insanity and disgusting nature, Phat Allen is truly a kind and caring person, who welcomes everyone he meets with a warm heart and will do basically anything they ask of him. He loves having fun and will share a lot of love with anyone he meets and befriends. He does have an abrasive side, however, but this is only unleashed when he has been majorly offended or mistreated. As seen in "Toot Goes Bollywood", Foxxy triggered this side of him by slaughtering all of his friends for a crime they didn't commit. This abrasive side would be a dark and blood-thirsty murderer who will avenge those of who he lost by killing the one who took their lives from them.

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