Peanuts gang
The Peanuts Gang is a group of kids from the Peanuts cartoon. They appeared as the main villains in the Drawn Together episode Spelling Applebee's. In this episode, they were rivals to the Drawn Together gang and they competed against them in the spelling bee.


Charlie BrownEdit

Charlie Brown is the leader of the Peanuts gang and does most of the talking out of all of them. He looks basically the same way he did in the original series, only his shirt doesn't have the black stripe on it.


Snoopy looks slightly different than what he did in the original series. His ears are longer and are entirely black instead of them just having black spots on them in the original series. He also seems a lot thinner and has a more narrow head.


Sally is wearing a different dress than the one in the original series. Instead of a blue dress, she wears an orange dress. Plus, her hair is less curly and has less lines in it.


Schroeder's hair is a bit more big and puffy and instead of his purple shirt with black stripes, he wears a plain blue polo shirt.


Lucy's dress is more or a teal shade of blue.


Linus looks exactly the same way he did in the original series, except is red shirt doesn't have black stripes. He was also shown to have a father who beats him. He was seen covered in blood and bruises and with a black eye, holding his blanket, asking him if he will protect him.


Marcie's shirt is green instead of beige.

Peppermint PattyEdit

In the original series, Patty has a green shirt and wears sandals, but in Drawn Together, she wears an orange shirt and goes barefoot.

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