Original Cast of Drawn Together
The Original Cast of Drawn Together is a group of characters that appeared in "The Lemon-AIDS Walk." They are meant to portray the originally intended cast of the show before they were rejected for the current cast. In the episode where they appeared, they was in a badminton contest with them where they competed to see who would be able to live in the Drawn Together house for the week and they won.

They consist of parodies of Optimus Prime from Transformers, Thomas the Tank Engine from the show of the same name, Stimpy from The Ren and Stimpy Show, The Helping Hand from The Hamburger Helper commercials, a creature from Where The Wild Things Are and a Pork Barrel Pig from old Political comics.

In "The Drawn Together Clip Show," the transformer parody was seen again in the audience.


  • Transformer: Prepare to be transformed into a bunch of losers.
  • Stimpy: Hey, can we get this game going already?
  • Helping Hand: Booyah! That's all I need!
  • Transformer: Proceeding to title sequence.

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