Mike Jerowski
Mike Jerowski
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Michael Jerowksi
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Blond
Age Teen Years
Job "School" student
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Mike Jerowski is a boy who apparently goes to school in the Drawn Together House, along with a few other teenagers, which apparently includes Toot. He was seen at the end of the episode N.R.A.y RAY. Toot has a crush on Mike, but is depressed because Mike only likes cheerleaders, which turned out to be a rumor at the end of the episode. Mike claimed that "he liked cheerleaders as much as he likes bitch-add Yudolf", (who was their teacher at the time). He and Toot found that they shared many opinions with each other and they went upstairs to Toot's room to have sex.


Mike Jerowski is a hot, and attractive guy in his late teen years, most likely in high school. He is a caucasian male with blond hair and light blue eyes. He wears a blue hoodie and blue pants. He has a very muscular build and sculpted features and is seen as they eye candy of the ambiguously existent school that he goes to.


  • "Cheerleaders? I like them about as much as I like Mrs. Yudolf. I mean, assigning homework over the spring break? What a bitch."
  • "So, I hear you beat up Wendy Schloman for pep squad. Nice."
  • "Do I?"


  • His name is possibly a reference to Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

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