"Wow, you've really given me something to think about, Spanky... While I kill these politically incorrect freaks!"
―Mickey to Spanky Hamm
Mickey Mouse
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Mickey Mouse
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job Head of the KFCC
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Voiced by Jess Harnell

Mickey Mouse is the cartoon mascot of Disney. He is the main antagonist in the episode Terms of Endearment, where he was shown to be the evil headmaster of the KFCC. There, he was sending out all of his troops to go and kidnap all of the politically incorrect cartoon characters and eradicate them from existence. Mickey's face was in the shadows and he was wearing a big cape, so that all that was visible were his eyes, ears, and arms and every time a character mentioned his name, it would be cut from their dialogue so that all that would be heard is "M_____ Mouse" or "Mickey M__se", making a joke about copyright issues. He is voiced by Jess Harnell in the show.


Mickey Mouse was only seen in the shadows and behind a cape so little is known about his appearance. However, we do know that Mickey is a really tall mouse with the same head shape. His pupils are red and he wears white gloves and a villainous cape.

Other Appearances:Edit

In The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II, he appears as one of the characters passed out on the beach. In Breakfast Food Killer, he's one of the Silhouetted cartoon characters in line waiting to be a Quacker Serials mascot.


  • Mickey Mouse has the most appearances throughout the show among any other Disney Character (Inlcuding Cameos), beating Bambi by 1 appearance.
    • Both Mickey Mouse and Bambi had dialogues and major roles in their respective episodes.
    • They're both portrayed as Antagonists of the Drawn Together show, and neither is defeated by Captain Hero, because either he was on a wheel chair or the number of deers outnumbered him and his revolver respectively.
  • Mickey Mouse is the only Disney Character who is never fully pictured on-screen, even  with a major role, he is either Silhouetted or has his face covered by rocks.