Malcolm Xposition
Malcom Xposition
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Malcolm Xposition
Gender Male
Race African American
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job None
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Jess Harnell
Malcolm Xposition is a racist stereotype that appeared in the episode Terms of Endearment. He was another racist stereotype who was seen in the Paddy Wagon with Foxxy when they were being taken to the cartoon concentration camp to be erased forever.


Malcolm Xposition is a fat black man with big pink lips. He wears a gray hat and a red jacket and blue overalls.


Terms of Endearment Malcolm Xposition was in the Paddy Wagon with Foxxy, explaining to her what they would be doing at the KFCC. He was a racially stereotypical African American cartoon character who was suffering the same punishment that Foxxy was. He was seen in the cage with Foxxy and all of the other black stereotypes, singing around a campfire. He was later seen on the conveyor belt getting erased.

Breakfast Food Killer Malcolm was seen again in the background in this episode as one of the cartoon characters auditioning to be the new mascot for Quackers cereal.

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