Ling-Ling's Depression Song
Season Movie, Song 2
Ling-Ling Depression
Singers(s) Master
Episode The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!
Song guide
"Suck My Taint"
"Make a Point Land"

Ling-Ling's Depression Song is a background song, used twice in The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!. It is a parody of Ling-Ling's Battle Song.


Ling-Ling into depression, go.
He blew his chance with Xandir.
Xandir only have eyes for Hero.
Ling-Ling die alone.


Ling-Ling make sad realization.
Xandir's heart is with another.
If Ling-Ling really loves Xandir like he says he does.
He'll help Xandir get back Hero.

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