Ling-Ling's Battle Song is Ling-Ling's theme song that is recurrently featured in Drawn Together. This song usually plays whenever Ling-Ling goes into battle mode. The lyrics emphasize Ling-Ling's brutal nature and reiterate that he is from a children's anime show. Most of the lyrics consist of Engrish, and the chorus is sung by a group of children and the main singer is what is presumed to be their honorable slavedriver.


Captain Hero:It's storm now attack with thunder when watching Cartoon Network it now thunderstorm and can to do saddest day you must call police to save and call everyone to save TV and with same storm with sky instead with Thor relase a thunder at day upon rice harvest

Mojo Jojo: Let's go made a bigger thunder

Box Ghost: Eggshellent storm day

Children: Whooah!

Captain Hero:Only you can stop thunder and save your TV Cable

Spanky: Why us?

Captain Hero: Balthazar Bratt has runnig from Officer Nancy O' Malley

CAptain Hero: (Laugh) The 13 storm of thunder                            

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