Larry the Tomato
Larry the Tomato
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Larry the Tomato
Gender Male
Race Vegetable
Hair Green
Age Unknown
Job Religious Protester
Sexuality Asexual (repressed)
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor

Larry the Tomato is the sidekick of Bob the Cucumber. They are the leaders of a team called the VeggieFables: A religious propaganda disguised as a kid show which is a parody on the VeggieTales. He, and Bob are parodies on Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales, only with their names reversed. He appeared in the episode Clum Babies.


Larry the Tomato is a giant red tomato with a green stem and leaves on his head. He has big cartoon eyes and a mouth. He has a darker red colored nose and eyebrows. He also has arms one the sides of his body with white gloves on them. He has no legs, and moves around by hopping which parodies the way the characters move in the show, VeggieTales, given that they have no arms or legs.


Larry is a traditionalist Catholic who worships God and stays overly dedicated to doing so to the point of fanaticism. will stop at nothing to punish all those who disobey God. Though despite this, he is distasteful to violence as he was shocked when Bob the Cucumber started killing people.


Clum Babies: Larry assisted Bob and the rest of the VeggieFables in helping Wooldoor get over masturbating by singing the musical number "God is watching everything you do." He was later seen at church, whipping himself for thinking impure thoughts. Foxxy and Spanky reprogrammed Wooldoor to be his old self again and made him produce a Clum Baby for Clara. When The Veggiefables tried to stop him, Foxxy convinced Larry to stop forcing his religion down her throat to which Bob responded to by shooting him and killing him. At the end, it was implied that Larry was resurrected by Wooldoor's clum babies.

The Drawn Together Clip Show: Bob was seen in the audience, booing at Foxxy for being black. He was later seen in the clip from the episode Clum Babies, where Bob was on his shooting spree.


  • In the American Idol Parody Clip Show, during the memorial montage for all of the people who have died in the previous season, his name was spelled as "Larry the Tomatoe".
  • When he was singing "God is watching everything you do." His voice along with Bob the Cucumber were reversed after the first chorus; however, they return to normal for the rest of the song and throughout the rest of the episode.

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