Judge Fudge Power Hour Theme Song
Season 2, Song 16
Judge Fudge Theme Song
Singers(s) Background Song
Episode The Lemon-AIDS Walk
Song guide
"Winner Takes It All"
"We Built this City"

The Judge Fudge Power Hour Theme Song is a song that first played at the end of the episode The Lemon-AIDS Walk and was briefly reprised in The Drawn Together Clip Show and N.R.A.y RAY.


Who's the man putting bad guys in the slammer?
Judge Fudge! (Judge Fudge)
Sweeping the streets with his sweet milky fists of justice!
Judge Fudge! (Judge Fudge)
He don't eat crispies or nuts. (Hell no)
Cuz he's got fu-u-u-udge!
Judge Fudge! (Fudge)

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