Drawn Together Character
Full Name Jeb-Hero
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Gray
Age Unknown
Job Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
Jeb-Hero is the biological father of Captain Hero. He made his debut in Little Orphan Hero. He is a very neglectful father who pays no attention to his son. He spends all his time reading the newspaper, or watching TV, or doing his own thing, ignoring Captain Hero all the time.


Jeb-Hero is an elderly old man. He has a plum, and misshapen body with a big belly. He has gray hair and thick black eyebrows and black eyes. He has a green suit with the male symbol on it.


Aside from him being very neglectful of his son, Jeb-Hero is also a very lazy man who spends the majority of his time sitting around and doing nothing but watching TV and reading the newspaper.


  • "Nice to meet you, Mr. Hero."
  • "Why do you say 'We're' Pregnant? I never say 'we' only have one testicle!" (In a comic book)
  • "Nooooooooo!" (In a comic book)

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • The way he treats his son is a satirical reference to how Matt Silverstein's father treated him as a child.
  • Although he was always seen neglecting Captain Hero in Little Orphan Hero, he was seen happily clapping and cheering for him in the audience of The Drawn Together Clip Show and American Idol Parody Clip Show.
  • In the episode Spelling Applebee's, it was implied that Jeb is dead as Captain Hero said "I don't deserve to wear the tie that my father was buried in." This may be continuity of the episode Little Orphan Hero when he was suffocated by him. This also means that when he was lying in the sick parent pile in Freaks & Greeks, he was dead and not sick. The clip shows contradict with this entirely but because these clip shows contradict with pretty much all one time character deaths, this can be excused.
  • In the episode Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care, Captain Hero's 12 year old self implied that he lives with Jeb because he said "I'm going to get my father's gun and end it all right now!" This is contradictory with the events of Little Orphan Hero because Captain Hero was aborted when he was a baby and didn't see his parents again until the events of that episode, when he was 32.
    • It's possible, however, that the dad he was mentioning was an adoptive father.


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