Indian Tribe Leader
Indian Tribe Leader
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race Indian
Hair Unknown
Age Dead
Job Tribe Leader
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Hinduism
Voiced by Unknown
The Indian Tribe Leader is the leader of what was once an Indian tribe that died out. He is currently a ghostly figure that resembles his former self who still lives along with his tribe in the afterlife, the way they did when they were alive. He appeared in the episode Ghostesses in the Slot Machine. Here, it was shown that his tribe was buried in an ancient burial ground, which the Drawn Together House was built over and the ghosts of the tribe and they still haunt the house to that day. The Drawn Together cast wanted to make a piece offering with them, by letting them have the small end of a lion share of their land. There, they built a giant Indian casino which they were not allowed anywhere near.

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