I Wanna Sex You Up
Season 3, Song 20
Baby Ling Ling Confessional
Singers(s) Ling-Ling
Episode Drawn Together Babies
Song guide
"Drawn Together Babies Theme Song"
"Indian Song"

I Wanna Sex You Up is a real-life song by Color Me Badd that was used in the episode Drawn Together Babies and sung by Ling-Ling.


Ling-Ling: Ling-Ling want to sex you up!
Tick tock and don't stop!
I thank you.
I thank you so much.
Thank you.


  • Ling-Ling was speaking fluent English when singing this song. However, far before the events of this song, Ling-Ling had stopped speaking English because no one was listening to him and started speaking Japorean.
  • This song used the term "Arigato" which is Japanese for "Thank You". However, the word is mispronounced as "Are-ih-gah-toe" when it is really pronounced as "Are-ee-gah-doe".
  • This was the only Confessional sequence in the entire episode it came from.

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