I've Had the Time of my Life
Season 1, Song 8
Clara and Spanky dancing
Singers(s) None
Episode Dirty Pranking No. 2
Song guide
"Cash Cash Cashety Cash"

I've Had the Time of my Life is a song that was parodied in the episode Dirty Pranking No. 2. Originally, the original song was intended to be in this episode, but due to the creators of the song denying permission, the creators made up this parody to take it's place. In the televised version of the episode, however, the original song always plays.


This song is supposed to be just like that song from Dirty Dancing.
The one where they talk about having the greatest time while they set the dirty dance floor on fire.
So this is our version (our version of the Dirty Dancing song).
Though the chords are not quite the same.
And the melody is different, it's even kind of lame.
But hell, it's the best that we could do.
We had to make something fit.
So given the scene it's fitting if it sounds like...
(The song stops abruptly when Clara starts to defecate on the pizza. The last word is apparently "shit".)

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