Drawn Together Hospital
Hospital is the name of a generic hospital that is recurrently featured in Drawn Together. It's a public hospital that is usually only featured as a substitute for when Wooldoor Sockbat can't be the doctor because of the story line. It first appeared in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education.


The Hospital first appeared in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education, where Spanky Ham, along with a lot of other cartoon characters were patients. Spanky went to the doctor because he had been downloaded with a virus. The doctor was going to give him prescription drugs, until he found out that he didn't have health insurance. He then sent him into a trapdoor where he was confronted by the Zalganout Beast. After this, Spanky went back to the doctor and lied about himself being in a gay marriage with Xandir, which earned him the prescription drugs. They then played outback in the medical waste dump, where they constructed Dumpy the Wasteman. A suicidal snowman made out of medical waste who's every second of living is complete, agonizing pain.

In the episode A Tale of Two Cows, Toot had a flashback to when she was humiliated at Camp Really Fat David and received an injury. She was then sent to the hospital, where her leg was amputated by Barney with a chainsaw.

In the episode Drawn Together Babies, Clara, Ling-Ling, Xandir, and Spanky all went to the hospital, pretending to be Charlotte the Babysitter, being stacked up on top of each other and being covered by a trench coat. They were faking a pregnancy with this act and Chad Huffington and his rebellious brother, Chase were with her, both being men who impregnated the real Charlotte. They had Ling-Ling slide out of the trench coat and pose as the baby. Upon trying to figure out who the baby looked more like, with the options of Chad and Chad's Rebellious Brother Chase, the doctor said he looked more like Dr. Lingstein, revealing a doctor at the hospital who coincidentally looked impossibly close to that of Ling-Ling. Dr. Lingstein, having also coincidentally had sex with Charlotte in the past, jumped out the window of the hospital. After Chad and Chad's Rebellious Brother Chase left, it was revealed that the doctor that delivered Ling-Ling was also four babies in a trench coat, who knew about their plan all along and was allowed them to get away with it.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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