Drawn Together Character
Full Name Hoochie
Gender Female
Race Asian (Battle Monster)
Hair None
Age 20's
Job Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Abbey DiGregorio
Hoochie is an Asian trading card battle monster and a long-known rival of Ling-Ling's. She appeared in the episode Clum Babies, where they encountered each other again, after a long time. The two of them fought mercilessly with each other at Club Foot and into the next morning, where their rivalry had turned into an intimate relationship. They woke up in Ling-Ling's room where Ling-Ling dumped her, making her run away and cry. She is voiced by Abbey DiGregorio.


Hoochie is a short green battle monster who is about the same size as Ling-Ling. She also resembles an anklyosaurus with many features. For instance: She has a big club-shaped tail with a bunch of little spikes on it and she has a bunch of spikes that run down her back. She also has a giant horn that sticks out of her head. Hoochie wears a skimpy yellow strapless dress that exposes major cleavage and she also has big green eyes on different sides of her head. Hoochie has a soft and soothing voice and she also speaks fluent English, unlike most battle monsters in the show, but she still has the stereotypical Asian speech impediment where she pronounces her Ls as Rs.


Hoochie is a morally sexual party girl who has the tendency to slut around and date a lot of guys, sleeping with them and losing them the next day. However, she seems to be doing this involuntarily and she aspires to settle down with a guy who actually loves her. When she was banged and dumped by Ling-Ling, she was extremely offended and she said that she thought he would be different as she left, crying. Outside of this, Hoochie is a very nice and loving battle monster who pours her heart into every guy she falls in love with, expecting nothing but the best upon them.


  • "Oh, rast night's battre was amazing. What are you thinking about?"
  • "I thought you were different!"
  • "Screw you!!!"


  • The term "Hoochie" is a slang term, meaning a girl who is very sexually active and dresses in clothing such as tight two-piece outfits and a heavy tone of dark makeup.

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