Hikaru Sulu
Hikaru Sulu in Drawn Together
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Hikaru Sulu-Ling
Gender Male
Race Asian
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job Starfleet Captain
Sexuality Bisexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Hikaru Sulu is a fictional character portrayed by George Takei from the Star Trek movie franchise. He mapped in the Drawn Together episode, Freaks & Greeks. At the end of the episode, he appeared on earth and immediately fell in love with Jun-Jee and most likely ended up getting married to him.


In the episode Freaks & Greeks, Jun-Jee aborted his plan to go into outer space, saying "Space turns Asians into queers. That's the only explanation for George Takei.", who is Hikaru Sulu's actor. After he got off the ship, Hikaru Sulu himself warped into the world where Jun-Jee was and said his famous, catchphrase "Oh-My." Jun-Jee retorted "Oh-My, yourself." as the two of them instantly fell in love with each other. They both held hands and warped away, with the warp beam forming the shape of a heart and they went off together to get married, much to the dismay of Ling-Ling.


  • Sulu is portrayed as an LGBT character in the Drawn Together series. Cooincedentally, 10 years later, in the Star Trek film Star Trek: Beyond that is part of the alternate reality started in the 2009 Star Trek movie, Hikaru Sulu would canonically be revealed to be a homosexual.

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