Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak
Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair White
Age 70's or 80's
Job Priest, Child Molester, and Circus Freak
Sexuality Bisexual
Religion Christianity
Voiced by None
Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak is a licensed child molester and part time circus actor and presumably even a Catholic priest with six arms. He appeared in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education, seen dressing up as a "Monster God", resembling that of Vishnu and kidnapping children. Foxxy Love stopped him and revealed his true identity, and was about to have him successfully arrested, before the cop found out that she didn't have a license for solving mysteries, unlike him, who had a license for molesting children. Because of this, Hans was set free and went on, molesting kids another day.


Hans the Six Armed Circus Freak is an eldery, Caucasian man with six arms flanking his body. He has white hair and a combover and a mustache. He wears a priest's collar. In the episode Foxxy vs. The Board of Education, he was wearing a costume of a blue monster god. In the deleted scene for the episode Hot Tub, his hair was darker and more gray.


  • His first name being "Hans" may be a joke on how he has six arms, with six "hands".
  • In the deleted introduction scene for the episode Hot Tub, Foxxy was seen taking the mask off of another so called, monster, revealing a man who looked exactly like Hans.

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