Drawn Together Character
Full Name Hadji Singh
Gender Male
Race Indian
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Job Spelling Bee Champion
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Hinduism
Voiced by Unknown
Hadji Singh is a character from Johnny Quest. He is the adopted son of Mr. Benton and best friend of Johnny and uses his magic powers on his adventures with the gang. Hadji appeared in the episode Spelling Applebee's as a major character in the show. In this episode, he was portrayed as a full grown version of the kid he was in the original series. Hadji is Foxxy Love's arch enemy as they both compete for being the best speller in the world.


Hadji is an Indian man with a muscular body. He has dark brown hair that he wears in a mohawk. He wears earrings that are green beads with light green feathers dangling off of them. he also wears a bunch of golden jewelry such as necklaces and bling with the letters A B and H on them. and he wears a purple sleeveless shirt.

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